Valis Transmission
What does a Valis transmission experience look like? Here is a place to share subjective interpretations through image, sound, video, etc. of the Valis experience.

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All Hail the Hypnequid
This was created shortly after the San Francisco Philip K. Dick festival in 2012. It is a play on the Futurama character the Hypnotoad and the interpretation that PKD and the idea of Zebra/Valis are plain crazy. Nonetheless, there is something compelling about the Hypnequid.

Related Subjects


The graph displays the other subjects mentioned on the same pages as the subject “Valis”. If the same subject occurs on a page with “Valis” more than once, it appears closer to “Valis” on the graph, and is colored in a darker shade. The closer a subject is to the center, the more "related" the subjects are.

Show related subjects that appear on at least this number of pages in common with Valis.