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If we are cuttings from the true vine (& as well as pruning otherwise caring for the vine the gardener takes care or us - which is what I experienced in 3.74) - if the true vine is Christ then we should be Growing - evolving - toward replications of him and so in a sense we [already] are him But- and this is intriguing- in an early Growth stage; not developed nor complete,we also are unaware (which is connected with our amnesia; memory & identity cannot be separated). ANAMNESIS, then, is more than recovered memory of the past; it is a restoration- in the present - of true identity, as in, "I now remember where I am [ie am now, not memory merely of where I once was]" - Just read "who" for "where,"Continuity of identity is restored - resumed actual nature not formed by the life history of events here but preceding that history, even though it is 1000's of years long. all that has happened here has been an fitful, uneven growth back to the primal divine identity: alphas & omega are identical.

there was a fall, and the climb back up is long and painful- one seeks to regain the ancestral home, and recognize it as not something new but something remembered (again: anamnesis). Now, when Harvil(?) fell, like Hefestus, he could not on his own find his way back in; he could on his own get only so far - not quite enough. I was essential in returning him. H waited for my return - he did not know hos long that would be. All he could do was faithfully wait in faith, and call to me.I finally after a very long time returned and restored him. A relationship and a place was involve. I can't help recalling Christ's saying, "You did not choose me: I chose you." this is what distinguishes my experience from nitval(?) or magic: I did not summon God; HE selected me.

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