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The burning up of "astral determinism" equals the burning up of occlusion.
When the occlusion is burned up 2-3 1974 disappears + Acts appears.
An appropriate inner self surfaces which recognizes + remembers Acts as familiar, as its world. This personality is released by the burning up of the occlusion.
Conclusion: The "astral determinism" causes us to see a world which isn't really there.
Very few people have their "astral determinism" burned up.
This burning up is what is meant by salvation + is the main purpose of the Greco-Roman mystery religions, Gnosticism + Xtianity.
What is going on? "Astral determinism" doesn't just program your destiny; it occludes you off from the real world + causes you to experience a spurious world instead.
The real world consists mainly of the Logos + God. The Logos breaks the "astral determinism" + burns it up.
We are being fed a spurious reality. Only in rare cases are people "doomed" to be saved - i.e. to experience reality. In reality the rupture between man + God is abolished: original conditions are restored.
Is this a punishment being lifted?
It's as if there is an inner mystery. This fits the "secrecy" theme of Luke. It has to do with the

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