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But I call it a technology. We are in what I call a Macrobrain which perhaps is a thinking entity, + it creates our world, so vis-a-vis us it is the creator. "One by one he is drawing us out of this world" - I must keep that in mind. Mainly, it is engineering a vast injection of itself into palpable form (incarnation) into our world (the upper realm or mind invading our world, the lower realm). Huge mechanics - technology again - are involved. This is its supreme act, + it will not fail; it is already under way. The entity known to us historically as the immortal Elijah has been her, + "Babylon" (the secular power of this world) has been done in.

Did I not see this race with the elongated crania, claws for hands, + the 3rd eye - they are deaf + mute, etc., + used to a different atmosphere.

IF I were to call them any one thing I would call them "the Great Ones," or "the Immortal Ones," or "the Ones who see," or "the Ones who cause to be" ("I am he who causes to be": YHWH), then I have seen God + he has caused me to become like him or even "one of us."

It seems clear that it or they put the "astral determinism" tapes in us in the first place. We are + have been from the start entirely in the hands of their superior technology; we belong to them: why they set up this older "Law" I have no idea but now it is superceded, at least for the esoteric true initiate - whom they select ("you did not pick me; I picked you," + "I had called you, Philip.") He or they select us out.

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