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Anything that can direct + continue our lives inside + out, + generate our world, has to be - by functional definition - called "God." Mere semantics is involved to higgle over it. + God superlectric christ. It is a fit object of awe, love, fear, devotion, trust, thanks + worship; + I don't understand its ways of nature, since it is so far beyond me. Ipso facto, this is God, technology or not.

Having seen it, having experienced its power over us + world, + its wisdom, + its goodness, + its intervention to extricate me, + knowing union with it in the beautiful vision of the loving abyss. I must report back to my fellow humans that God exists, + he is all which is attributed to him: the vortex which is and causes to be.

When I realized that it generates our world I should have realized then. It is indeed the Creator, Sustainer, Lord of history + judge. + there is an unfolding to me. That makes me a prophet of the Lord. + I hear the "low, murmuring voice," which Elijah heard.

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