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1) What we are occluded to is Zebra. _That_ is what we're unaware of.
2) Zebra is God.
3) Zebra could make itself known to us; it did to me.
4).: Zebra occludes us or allows the occlusion.
5) In our anarchy + rebellion we rose up against him (Zebra). So the occlusion is the price we pay.
6) _But_: he has sent a savior to redeem us. He de-occludes us on an individual basis. ("one by one he is drawing us out of this world") This is orthodoxy. Savior - I was led to it by relentless reasoning, research and colloquy with Zebra himself. (i.e. revelation.) My errors were corrected. I haven't arrived at the conclusion I want, but again, sorry; the road of true inquiry does not always lead to what you want or expect, but to what is true.

It is the rebellion in me that specifically is killing me. I would gladly give up my life if I could become honestly tame (meek); my soul is at stake. I want + need God's help to learn how _not to resent_.

God speaks to me c. 3:00 am "because of the ***** layer." This, then is technology; I am transducing a - or something _like_ a - RF signal. So again we have signal + info - technology dealing with info processing. + he is the creator, but the

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