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if we got hopelessly trapped. (3) The Mind of maze itself; the maze is alive. In (1) + (2) Zebra is an invader in World (i.e. in the maze).
So no true time passes.
World is an artifact.

Because of the occlusion (inc amnesia) there is no way we can figure out our situation. If we were not occluded we'd remember where we are & the trapped-ness would end; but - I, they, we voluntarily accepted this condition or fell victim to it. Zebra gives us accurate answers. But only if we ask the right questions & have figured out the basic situation. Outside the maze, time & space do not exist; we are our own Savior (but another way, he is us).

The master became the servant, & the servant the master. The Horse's head is God, a failsafe info processing device which would remind us of the true state of affairs if we fell victim to our own servant - & we did, & it ("God") cryptically reminds us.

Like "Eye" where there's a mishap & they fall into the Bevatron Beam, & fake worlds are created which exert compelling power over them, of delusion.

"Falling into the Bevatron Beam" equals our fall into the power of our own maze (artifact or computer).

Satori: we wanted to see if we could create a convincing world ("ape of God"!), but we had to be sure we could get back out if it seemed convincing. So it was a revolt, & the "horse's head" may be the true God, & not our construct - or it may be a construct by us, I'm not sure.

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4th paragraph: walls or clues?


last paragraph, indecipherable word translated at "all" - not certain

Unteleported Man

4th paragraph: "worlds", last paragraph: "ape"


well, now it seems obvious! lol.