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The irony is that if we were successful, if our world were convincing, we would be trapped (by it). Then we must have hoped it would be convincing + we would therefore find it real + hence be trapped. But we could not take the risk of this situation being endless; we had to build in the "reminding" voice which we now regard as God (+ rightly so, since it is transcendent to world). (God is the sole true reality -in contrast to our irreal world, + the sole think breaking in from outside. Like in "UBIK.") (Everything else we experience is part of the irreality of this delusional world.) (This is why it is a "low, murmuring" noise, + not close and loud.)

The technology of Zebra is the technology of a superior construct-entity firing help + info at us in an effort - successful - to extricate us from our own trap; we may well have originally equipped it with this technology, put this technology at its disposal. Herein, our highest efforts, skills + knowledge were put - + for a good reason. After all, if this construct-entity failed, we faced being stuck here forever - in terms of the unreal time unrolling seemingly here, to which we are subjugates[sic].

The above system fully accounts for 1) My anamnesis; + 2) Zebra; + 3) the acosmism expressed in my writing, in particular, the awareness of self as a God, felt in anamnesis.

The postmortem experience assumes a new meaning in this system. It is escape from the maze,