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A careful deconstruction (comparison with Wagner's "King") shows that 1) they built the building - which is to say everything; +2) they are the Gods themselves. Only the intercessor comes in "from outside" - even into their ship the Persus 9 ("But we made you up!" Wrong; He really exists adventitious to their spurious - i.e self-generated - world which they entered + which foils them.

Then in essence 1) I became aware of world as irreal (i.e. a maze) + 2) through God's help, found my way out of the maze; + 3) realized what I had done. I am now free at last: "One by one he is drawing us out of this world."

The only thing which is real is that which comes from outside - i.e. God (or Zebra + the AI voice) - not part of this irreal world: This is why it sounds so far off.
[afterthought on the righthand side:]
Martians Come in Clouds
The Eyes Have It
Beyond the Door
Withered Apples
Not By Its Cover

Since the totality is a hologram, each micro-bit contains the plan or form of the macro. This plan or form is what is meant by "the Logos."

Zebra is not part of the maze but an invader into the maze (v p. 13/14); like its AI voice it is from outside + not subject to time or space. It camouflages itself with the maze. It can melt the maze (overpower it locally). To link up with it is, for us, to encompass the meaning + magnitude of Zebra - who is more than all the world (i.e. the maze). We have in it a friend, a helper of Godly stature! It transcends the entire world (maze), is real, not irreal -

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