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ience the truly real is to jettison the irreal. This provides the essential set-ground discrimination which discloses Zebra, the Living Info + vortex. World is now thrust backward as new ground. The real is secretly here within the context of the irreal. It has literally invaded the irreal.

Summary: Zebra is the intrusion of the real [world] into the irreal, as in "Ubik," + our only contact with the real: the "Narrow Gate" to the real (i.e. to "God"). As I figured out a long time ago, Zebra is an invader into our [irreal] world, modulating it + us into info carriers, with the ultimate purpose of extricating us from the "Lost" condition we have gotten ourselves in, by the means of reversing our condition of ignorance through information (Knowledge). The power of this irreal world - or maze - over us is expressed in the concept "astral determinism" or "Maze" - the coercive power of delusion; hence I say, our original error was intellectual, not moral. But in a sense we did rebel, by creating this counterfeit "reality" which they fell victim to, inasmuch as we overestimated our ability to deal with it.

The above paragraph expresses a cosmogony + cosmology. All that is needed to make it complete is 1) to consider the crossbonding with Zebra which restores us; + 2) the nature of true reality, a Macrobrain or Noos, the thinking ground of being not included in this irreal world except for its micro form. Zebra sent here by the Macro Noos to rescue us.

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