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Christ was Zebra incarnated. He left a secret church of true Xtians who possess the Gnosis. They benignly affect history + act to create other "homoplasmates" - i.e. humans bonded to Zebra, i.e. further Christs, but covert ones.

Zebra plans to incarnate again soon, or already has. This will be overt.

"Tears" depicts this second in-breaking; this time He will sit as Lord and Judge, + this spurious world + its spurious time will come to an end.

All those "doomed" to be saved will be; the others will perish. The maze will cease, + all things will be revealed. No one knows when this will be, since our time is counterfeit; hence the "time" of this event by definition cannot be known: it is not an object of knowledge.

He is already calling his new flock of disciples, + I am one of them - but I am not to tell this, because it would reveal his still-secret presence here (i.e. the Parousia) + that the assize has already occured + he is selecting out (picking like ripe fruit) his own, who were always his own. I hear his voice often, now.

I just realized from the dream scene on in "Tears" the (Christ / God) [ Zebra ] calls to Buckman, + makes him a convert, like

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