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did with Paul. That is what happens, there it isn't the black man who is converted, but Buckman. So the cryptic (stegenographic) message in "Tears" is, [...] He is here + he is calling his own, now. (+ King-Felix identifies him.) Hence the dream points to the great assize, as I have long suspected - + hence the Parousia.

"Calling his own" (as he did me) + "the great assize" cannot be separated, + those he calls "one by one He draws out of the world" - takes to himself. As the Gnostics foresaw, the divine sparks will be drawn out of the world, + what remains possessing no reality, will cease to be, because it never was. Only the divine sparks were real.
In reading this over, I am struck by two points.

(1) We overestimated our ability to deal with our own creation + triumph over it. In point of fact, only through / by Zebra, dispatched by the true Noos to rescue us, are our memories + identities restored + we are saved - extricated - from our own irreal world - the fake world we created + then fell victim to. Thus our sole hope depends on the benign true God whom we rebelled against by fashioning this counterfeit world. Thus I see his mercy as infinite; he is rescuing those who rose up against him by aping his world-creating power.

(2) The role of knowledge. It is the nature of the maze, which is quasi-alive, to thwart know-

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