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intellectual choices: our acuity, which includes moral balking - vs reflex machine behavior. Discernment into our true situation is a prerequisite. There is a way out (otherwise maze just equals trap).

Now, the Xerox Missive- trap. Here for sure Christ (God) intervened. So there is intervention. If I regard the Xerox Missive as a high order of Maze-Mind activity, I have to admit that I had help... or did I act to reacquire my undebased original faculties to meet the crisis? One time I told K.W. "I know who triggered off my anamnesis, who the salvific messenger was. It was me.

Before descending into the Maze I foresaw the Xerox Missive + set up a mechanism by which I'd be "reminded" just prior to its arrival. In a sense I cheated. So what; I had no intention of being trapped like a rabbit.

Fascinating, what the "we built a maze + then got trapped by it" concept does with the Xerox trap! 2-74 appears then as a failsafe device I built in in advance. Knowingly, providentially. It also fits in with the "Bait" theory vis-a-vis Christ-disguised-as-human-servant. I.e. the true (but concealed) Master!

This is it: the true but concealed master disguised as servant - posing as servant!

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