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I actually saw the Maze dissolve, + invaded from outside (the "next" world).

Hypnapompic: Ascending stairs; Doris first, then me, ascending.

Voice: "We're two of the main people in it" i.e. the ascending stairs.

The way. (out of here).

Doris has too many things to do here, so she turns back (to descend) but I didn't - I go on up.

Hypnagogic: Doris + me with the 3-edged (thing, entity?) in the escalation.

Then Dorothy + Lynda etc.

Feeling of worn thought: "a mortuary is a way of saying goodbye to a hospice."

Thought: It's obvious that the stairs + the escalation + de-escalation represent death. It must be that I'm going to die soon.

Time asks, "Is Zebra (God, the true Creator) not just invading our irreal cosmos, but [as I used to maintain because of having seen it] transubstantiating it into the ontologically real?" This is a good point. Perhaps this is what is meant by "I am building a new Heaven + a new Earth, + the memory of the former things will not enter the mind nor come up into the heart." Without intending to, we in our hubris have provided the false work for his creation; like Noos

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