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In 3-74 that which was in me was that which was outside me. {1} This is not the Holy Spirit; the only theology which describes this is the Eckehart-Sankara Atman-Brahman or Spark-Godhead - the division between me as microcosm (inner) and the macrocosm (outer) was abolished. This is not "theolepsy" - this is the Eckehart-Sankara concept of Moksa. God born in the person and the Godhead outside. Only my ignorance of theology has prevented me from realizing that only the Eckehart-Sankara concept can explain this experience.

{1} and that which was outside me was not localized (i.e. a part of reality but was the totality, viz.: cf. Xenophanes).

I have confused "theolepsy" with this inner-outer identity (unity) of the divine. Its holiness was indubitable.

Via the Eckehart-Sankara route can I see how my experience could be xtian and Brahmansitic. As I correctly explained it in "Valis" what "Zebra" invades (in theophany) is maya - inner and outer maya.

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