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New line of reasoning: it was the Holy Spirit which came to me (not the Gnostic vision per se, but containing elements of it such as the James-James genius-madman creator-god) because, in coming to me, it fulfilled all which has been prophesied. I.e. the final days or Apocalypse. (Parousia) It brought time, linear time, through its stages to its end. Incidentally the book THE OCCULT AND THE THIRD REICH has a quotation about the Cathars in which the Paraclete is said to be the female side of God.

My nitrous oxide "vine and its lopped-off branches which we placed in a godless cosmos, either as punishment for thinking they could get along without God, or just "started" in that godless cosmos as cuttings" -- this is the basis of a rather different cosmogony and cosmology than any I know of . It is slightly Gnostic, inasmuch as it assigns no God to this cosmos, but -- the Fall is there, and the God is good, not evil; he just isn't here, but elsewhere. Herewith, a somewhat new cosmogony/cosmology may have been revealed to me, than is found anywhere else. It is not Gnostic, inasmuch as the God who created this cosmos is in no sense evil, and there was the classic fall from the Golden Age (of being part of the vine with Him), but what is new is the explanation of why he is the deux absconditus, why we see no sign of him (he is waiting to see which of us need to return or want to return, those who grieve for him). This would account for the Gnostic sense of alienation, of being a stranger in this world, of God and man vs the world -- without positing an evil god. Also, it would well fit into my personal epistemology that this world is in some sense not real, which is not a Gnostic intuition. If the "lopped of cuttings from the vine is added to my radical epistemology, we have, do we not, a new cosmogony/cosmology, which in a sense reconciles Gnosticism with orthodox Christianity. Perhaps the True God did not create this cosmos, but consigned its creation to "James-James," which would make my view more toward the Gnostic view. I can easily fit this in with my "lopped-off cuttings from the vine" revelation. Unless we can sense the sickness of this cosmos, if instead it feels natural to us, then we are equated to it, will remain in it and deserve to. But if we (among the longing and nostalgia and grieving) can discern the sickness in this cosmos, then we are becoming sane, or are the sane ones, and return to the sane god (who, in this sick cosmos, is, as Dionysos, regarded as mad which in fact he alone is not). In a cosmos created by a sick god, a penetration by the sane God would seem the penetration by a sick one; the labels are all backward. In other words, perhaps this cosmos (world) was mad --is-- deliberately alien for a good (benign) reason; the supreme Wise Mind, God, could have deliberately allowed the cosmos where the cuttings went to be a sick cosmos, the more to stimulate them to long to return to him. This is not punishment; this is a set of clues, a mystery and a puzzle, which we must solve, the essence of the puzzle being, "If God is good, why is there evil?" As Gnosticism intuits, the evil demiurge does not know of the existence of the One True benign God in the pleroma above him. The demiurge cannot fathom (like Joe Chip in UBIK) these incursions into his cosmos; naturally he would regard them,

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