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true actual hidden secret Christian Church and none other. Micro-wave teep transmissions are a mere theory, but the golden fish sign was real, whether arranged by Christian humans or Zebra modulating my experiences into a disinhibiting sequence. Really, all this leads me back to the mimicking entity, which is astounding beyond belief as an object of experience (not to mention all the dreams & visions & hypnagogic oral material).

One fascinating aspect of UBIK is disclosed when the question is asked, "Where did (I) get the idea?" The origin of the idea, in contrast to virtually all other novels, is evident from the text of the novel itself, although one must extrapolate from Runciter to what-ever Runciter represents, and the state of cold-pac to whatever state we are all in. In the novel, information spontaneously intrudes into the world of the characters, indicating that their world is not what they think it is; in fact, it indicates that their world is not even there at all -- some kind of world is there, but not the one they are experiencing. That time-regression is put forth in the novel, and that time-regression figured in my (3-74) experience -- this still baffles me; the principle underlying the devolution (reversion) of objects along the form-axis in the novel is explained by a reference to Plato's theory of ideal forms, and I guess that applies to our world and to my own experience. However, until I recently studied the E of Philo article on Gnosticism so thoroughly, did I begin to understand the triune reality division which must exist and which is also put forth in UBIK -- if Runciter is God, and Joe Chip & the other inertials are analogs of all men, then the regressed world is the ham in the sandwich, and, as in UBIK, must be abolished; as in Gnosticism, this is accomplished, in UBIK, by the revelation of esoteric knowledge about their condition by a deity-like entity lying behind even Runciter, i.e. Ubik. It is this knowledge --not just information but gnosis-- revealed to them, esp. to Joe Chip, which makes them aware of their real condition. Therefore if one knows very much about Gnosticism (which I didn't until a few days ago) one could see the resemblance between UBIK and the Gnostic cosmogony and cosmology. But we are talking (regarding the real world) of information which, by being transferred, radically changed history. And it must be realized (I certainly do, even if no one else does) that what broke through was not limited to information, but that theolepsy (one at least) were involved. If I rule out OCCP experiments and occult human groups (vide supra) then we have something not found in UBIK, but, although admittedly described as diabolic, in STIGMATA. Is theolepsy not specifically what STIGMATA depicts? With Chew-Z or whatever, Can-D, I forget, the eucharist. What do you get if, as Le Guin suggests, you take a group of my novels & stories and fit them together, esp. the 3 picked up by Bantam? Theolepsy, the Gnosis slipping through, reality (the world) as illusion concealing another but real world (MAZE) -- what an aggregate message those 3 novels add up to!

When I recently reread STIGMATA I saw it for what it was: a penetrating, acute and exhaustive study of the miracle of transubstantiation, simply reversing the bipolarities of good & evil. What the novel contemplated was --that is, the conclusion it reached-- was the

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