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successful of the mystery religions" - + VALIS - God - did break the power of the spatiotemporal world over me, I mean astral determinism or Fate or Heimarmene or Karma or the sublunar realm or the planetary powers or the old law or DNA programming - this fired futilely into empty (non) time-+- space. This event, as Eliade points out, is trans-cultural + trans-doctrinal. All you really need to know is:
1) Lower realm (spatiotemporality) [Note A]
2) Upper realm (above space + time)
3) Vertical axis leading from (1) to (2).
I.e. the universe of the shamans. This is e.g. what the Eucharist is supposed to do (v. the E.B.macro article on time).

[Note A] + when this goes, so also goes causation. My 5 or 6 realm hierarchy is correct, but - is it Gnostic? No, it is Neo-Platonism because it has to do with (1) essence vs accidents; (2) the Form realm; (3) the supra-spatiotemporal; (4) the One. There is no suggestion of acosmism. Or of an evil demiurge. Oh yes there is a suggestion of Gnosticism: the Fremdheit of the spatiotemporal world -Geworfenheit- + the familiarity of the restoration-state: + the salvator salvandus. + Heidegger's Ur-Angst. + the dialectic is the war between God + the world (demiurge who

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