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Morphological arrangement => Morphological arrangement
----------------------------- but spatiotemporal existence,
----------------------------- creating the median realm of
------------------------------ sacred time, illo tempore,
Spatiotemporal arrangement => in which two space-time
------------------------------ continua can superimpose + be one.

Plotinus' distinction between Nous + the One is Eckehart's distinction between God + the Godhead.
If it was just a matter of superior abstracting by the percipient, only an inner concept would come into existence; but an external, actual, morphological arrangement of reality -ontologically superior to the spatiotemporal- coincides with this ultra abstracting; therefore the practical consequences of this abstracting from accidents to essence are epistemologically enormous. Two space-time continua (1000s of miles + years apart) coincide to form (reveal) an unsuspected metarealm + structure. This is hierarchical stacking.

To sum up: Abstract from accidents to essence. Accidents are arranged in space + time; essence is arranged morphologically like the Form-axes in "Ubik", + not in space + time. So:
(1) Two separate space time continua will coincide if they possess a common essence
(2) A meta-realm of morphological arrangement is disclosed not utilizing space-time
(3) Neoplatonism explains 2-3-74.

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