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We must remember (anamnesis). Acts; we must remember Acts. Then the Parousia will take place + the 3rd Epoch [of the Torah] will come! The Kingdom as Christ's soma is here as a meta structure but we can't see it. It is exploded through our irreal space + time; it is morphologically arranged. It is now 2000 years old by our spurious (simulated) time-reckoning: it did not come recently. The true Kerygma is: He is coming! The Kingdom is [already] here. But Satan deludes us with an irreal world. We are asleep. In 2-74 I woke up.

The flying shuttle of the dialectic weaves the picture (visage, Gestalt) of the cosmic Christ, so repair/progress is going on, but not here in our spatiotemporal flux world.

The outer, exoteric lower level truth (condition) is that Christ + Satan war - in the dialectic; but the inner, higher esoteric truth is that through the dialectic, by means of enantiodromia, Christ (Holy Wisdom) uses Satan without Satan's knowledge for God's purposes. Here is how: Satan's irreal spatiotemporal world acts as a screen or grid making the Kingdom accessible by degree to those who merit it through Iranian truthfulness; i.e. who can throw off the power of the Lie by their fidelity to Christ; thus Satan unwittingly acts as a gate separating the "sheep" from the "goats" as scripture tells: he tests people.

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