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It is as if he has been given the task (without him knowing it) of weighing the souls -Ma'at's job- through testing; thus he is an instrument of theodicy: the accuser against whom man must contend by means of perceptive inner truthfulness - this is hard to explain but Satan winnows for God vis-a-vis the Kingdom: he bars the door (gate) to the many through illusion; the man must solve what amounts to a riddle, a paradox, a mystery, based on illusion + guile; God has granted Satan latitude: i.e. full power, as in a 2-person game. Goethe has it right: it is not a wager but is like a wager. The man by his own moral intelligence must decide -choose- correctly within the maze! Tell real from irreal (evil = the Lie = Dokos). Identify the true creation: tell it from the counterfeit. It is a moral-perceptual problem, + the key to the solution is not Pistis but Gnosis. Christ is advocate for the person + gives him cryptic clues; they must remain cryptic + fragmentary; the man himself must solve it.

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