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So the "is" is Satan's realm (world); the "is" transmuted (enantiodromia) is God's. This is the dialectic I saw.
The secret is to view something "from the other side" + not as it is" - overtly. Heraclitus' "latent form" - crypte morphosis where the concealed truth + hence the Kingdom lies - zen realizes this. Paradox. This is the secret wisdom of the "Tao Te Ching"! The lesser -weaker- overtakes the stronger; this is Taoist enantiodromia. + Lao Tzu knew this; it is how the Tao works through the dialectic of Yin + Yang.
The secret is: the servant has become the master + the master the servant. So a magician (like in Ben Jonson's "the Alchemist") is in charge. Only the still small voice -the AI voice- who is YHWH, Ho On, speaks the truth (cf "the King + the Corpse"). The "is" is Satan's, but YHWH retains the lesser portion: what the "is" is not. Look to that lesser portion; it does not blind you as does the "is".
The epitome was: the xerox letter, which was not what it was ... + the still small voice spoke the truth (as to this mirror opposite-ness). Wisdom is: extrapolate from that. The missive: the AI voice. Like "the King + the Corpse".

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