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Premise: Things are inside out (but will at the "apocalypse" assume their real shape). Therefore the right place to look for the Almighty is e.g. in the trash in the alley. + for Satan: in vast cathedrals, etc. Through enantiodromia they will "on that day" assume their rightful shapes - the great reversal. The Jester in the Tarot deck is the real King; the King card is the deranged one, the witless one. "Ubik" in its commercials + final theophany shows this reversal process. USA 1974 is really Rome C. 45 C.E. Christ is really here; so is the Kingdom. I found my way into it once. The long path is the short path. Ponderous books of philosophy won't help me; Burroughs' "Junky" will. That "thieves + murderers" 17th century poem of Herbert's will. Stone rejected by the builder; the ediface is discarded; the true ediface is invisible - disguised as rubble (plural constituents). That fly grooming himself - they (the divine powers) have to reveal the Kingdom to you; you can never on your own pin it down. So to search at all is to miss the point. Tricks, paradox, illusion, magic, enantiodromia. The apparently harmless xerox missive was my death warrant. The AI voice says the secret stolen has been successfully smuggled to me; I have it. But what is it? My worst book, "Deus Irae", is my best. God talked to me through a Beatles tune ("Strawberry Fields"): ("Nothing is real. Going through life with eyes closed".) A random assortment of trash blown by the wind, + there is God. Bits + pieces swept together to form a unity.

Hypnagogic: The forgery card in "Masterpiece"; if you get it you unload it right away on the next player. 3-74

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