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I already know where the Kingdom is: it is a floating principle of organization that can be any collection of things that He wants. The AI voice is -or speaks for- YHWH the God of constancy (cf "Deus Irae")
Mude bin ich. Aber ich errinne mich.
"God does not work through the is." God works through what Lao Tzu calls the weak, the empty; this is the same God. To cause the enantiodromia on which the world-process is based.
It is never Satan who wrecks God's plans, but God who wrecks Satan's again & again. "The ape of God" whose spurious interpolation -fake world- God spoils repeatedly, God being secretly here.

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World: Spurious creation by the magician, the liar, Satan. Klingsor's castle
The still small voice, speaking the truth: YHWH. Like the Horse's head.

USA 1974 cannot be reduced to Acts AD 45 any more than Acts AD 45 can be reduced to USA 1974:

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USA 1974 / accidents -- Acts AD 45 / Essence - wrong

USA 1974 / accidents -- Acts AD 45 / accidents
Essence - correct

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Unteleported Man

Mis-spelling: "errinne" should be "erinnere"