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fits in with the prophecies by the AI voice and the dream in TEARS. Is the real world trying to break through to us? Are we like the people in UBIK? By means of time dilation, by means of causing things to look different, we have been persuaded that the Parousia did not come as/when promised -- the amazing power of the Lie. Perhaps a "spurious interpolation" into God's creation is involved. Then my Platonist solution is thrown back once more to Christianity.
In 2-74 when I saw the golden fish sign I didn't remember that at one time (formerly, in a previous life) I had been a secret Christian; no -- Rome existed now, and that personality existed now. Rome was now and Rome was here, and it was AD 45 (approximately), even though I could still also see USA 1974.
I wrote in my notes last night that everything in this realm (number 4) is seen backward or that it pretends; nothing seems to be what it really is. I spoke of one enantiodromia engineered by God or Christ, one after another, again and again, moving toward the great final reversal when everything reversed and we saw world as it is and not backward, not as it pretends to be.
It is perhaps like the situation in EYE. Dimly beyond the irreal world the ghostly outline of the real world can be discerned. And it seems nearly frozen, due to our subjective time dilation.
How does this fit in with the continual reticulation and arborizing of the phylogons? Why, because the phylogons are constants. There is no real change in what I call the meta-soma; reticulation and arborizing are not changes but merely articulation of what is already there. These are ramifications of constants, and "constants" signifies unchange. Except for the reticulation and arborizing, the meta-soma is static. It is like Parmenides' perfect sphere. And the dialectic --which produces the process of reticulation and arborizing-- is the antithetical combat between the Wise Mind that knows a priori, and the dark counterplayer who controls the "is," has all the power, but knows only empirically; this would be Christ and Satan trading blows. (None of this is found in Plato.) Reticulation and arborizing could be considered "looking different," not substantial change. The meta-soma is the true reality and it is frozen; I saw it. Yes, it constantly looks different, due to the reticulation and arborizing. But is this change? Does time actually pass?

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