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What about Neo-Platonism, Platonism, Parmenides, and then the dialectic either Heraclitus or Empedocles (after all, Heraclitus used the term enantiodromia)? And the Mind or Nous or God of the Milesians, of Anaxagoras or Xenophanes. Everything in terms of Greek thought. It was Anaxagoras who substituted Nous for Psuche:
"In Heraclitus it is difficult to tell how far the designs in God's mind are distinguished from the execution in the world, or indeed how far God's mind is distinguished from the world. The arguments of Parmenides seemed to show that all reality must indeed be a mind, or an object of thought in a mind. Anaxagoras, therefore, in making God a mind and the world, in effect, his thought... " etc. Hussey p 139.
I am not acosmic: because I believe in the absolute reality of the unchanging Valis meta-soma-kosmos or eide (Form) world; why, this is not acosmism at all; it is Plato and Parmenides; I caught a glimpse of Parmenides' reality, and Plato's, in contrast to the irreal or semireal spatiotemporal realm. Gnosticism is acosmic but I am not. My original contribution is that I saw the flux realm feeding into the meta macro soma kosmos as reticulation and arborizing; so there is new thought in my system, but it is a revision of Athenian thought, not Gnosticism. But --in the dialectic there were the two sides that Zoroaster saw; yet they served the Absolute the way Yin and Yang do; so did I see a glimpse of something like Taoism?
I seem to have an original system; but yes, I must retain something of Gnosticism; I feel it. We were trapped, besides just falling; trapped by a Deluder.
However, I am making progress; my system is shaping up. If I use the elements I've elucidated so far I already have an original system... but it is basically Pre-Socratic, Platonism and Neo-Platonism. From Xenophanes to Plotinus with some Gnosticism and some Taoism. It is synchretistic, but this feeding by the flux world into the Absolute is (although somewhat Taoist!) truly original; and it was revealed to me by Nous or God, Valis, the Absolute, Christ, etc. What I am forced to conclude is that there is a Deluder, in antithetical combat with Christ-(Gnosticism), but through enantiodromia, Christ turns the evil and irreal "is" into parts that can be and are used to complete the metasoma-kosmos, which is not static but grows and yet does not change; it is only perfected (reticulated and arborized; is this, then, why I'm so sure time is irreal? Because of the metasoma-kosmos? Yes; that is

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