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in fact it is not dualism at all since the dualism - the dialectic - is an instrument [Note] of an absolute above + beyond it. Would this not also rule out Gnosticism as being a dualism? Like Zoroastrianism it posits the dualism as ultimate. This leaves Taoism + the strife of Yin + Yang. One of my big breakthroughs was to identify an equilibrium above the strife, + this is expressed in the tractate: "One mind there is, but under it two principles contend" - light + dark, which would be Yin + Yang.

[Note] "An instrument". Then the equilibrium above it is not just a "secret partnership"; it makes use of the dialectic to produce change by which to bring into being (existence) new things (elements) that can be fitted into the macrometasomakosmos which only grows more + more complex - i.e. completed through progressive reticulation + arborizing.
This is not precisely Taoism, but it is close to it; but it is also close to Neo-Platonism (the Form World). Again: I seem to have an original system based on (1) my revelation + experience of 2-3-74; + (2) my successful exegesis, in particular my identifying a meta-abstraction based on anamnesis, by which a morphologically arranged world can be seen as the truly real one (which is overt Platonism + not Taoism). So I have a synchretism that

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