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The cosmic resorption must have occurred in a flash; I mean, it --time-- regressed at hyper speed, as represented by the permutation of the phosphene graphics. So I reached the point "where existence first 'burst' into the world and unleashed Time" came very swiftly. This (the realization that time moved retrograde) was an absolute essential fact for completion of my understanding of 2-3-74. It is no wonder that I felt that I had encountered world as my own prior thought-formations; this is connected with Buddhism, Brahmanism, the "TIBETIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD." I am right about that; but: I did become involved with my own prior thought formations because I literally traveled back through them into phylogenic reverse-time; I used up ontogenic time (my own prior thought formations). I relived my own earlier books. But Valis is Brahman, the unity before time hence multiplicity occurred. Then the metakosmos is the universe before the Fall:
During the fusion of metals the Taoist alchemist tries to bring about in his own body the union of the two cosmological principles, Heaven and Earth, in order to reproduce the primordial chaotic situation that existed before the Creation. This primordial situation corresponds both to the egg or the embryo and to the paradisal and innocent state of the uncreated World.
Obviously this process of cosmic resorption was triggered off by the Platonist anamnesis which freed me of time, of the spatiotemporal world; and, specifically, I remembered my former life or lives. Thus I saw Acts because time was reversed, flowing backward.
God, the work I have put into this. I am so tired. But here it is. Platonism, most of all, then this Taoist and Pan-Indian technique of returning to the origins, to cure the work of time, to attain health and immortality, and to burn up karma and get off the wheel. It is very complex; I must adopt a synchretistic view; but what is most important is that Valis is identified as the Great Brahman; when I saw Valis I saw Brahman, the unity before time and multiplicity began (time and multiplicity are the same because time equals flux, which is change, which is multiplicity). I can only repeat: this was the missing element, this business of cosmic resorption, time flowing backward. So what I did was alchemical and yoga.
God, I could just burst with excitement. Once I broke free of time I was on my way back; once I remembered that's what the whole thing hinges on, the anamnesis. And I wound up seeing Brahman.

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