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This points up how correct my definition of God was: "God is world under the aspect of imminent death." You push world far enough and it turns into God. This is Brahman and no other. So when I saw Valis, time had been driven out as if destroyed.
I can't believe it's over. All I have done is ratify my original insight, but what a fruitful journey it has been! I must have passed through millions of years of time during that Bardo Thodol (phosphene graphics) trip. All initiated by the Platonist anamnesis, which -- well, I've said it; there is nothing more to say. I broke free of time; I burned up my karma; I returned to illo tempore; I saw
world as Brahman, which is to say, before cosmogenesis. I saw the primordial unity; and I shared in the Brahman-Atman identity equation. I saw; I saw. And I gained health and "immortality" and new birth, the "Golden Flower" of mystical Taoism (alchemism).
There is some connection --an essential one--between karma and your own prior thought-formations. Likewise between burning up karma and reliving by going backward in time, reliving your own prior thought-formations.
There is absolutely no way that 2-3-74 can be understood --and especially Valis-- without envisioning --utilizing-- this factor of cosmic resorption (time running backward and prior thought-formations and the burning up of karma). There may be other elements (for instance it was set off by a Platonist anamnesis) but this is an absolutely crucial --the crucial-- factor, and all the Platonism and Christianity in the world will never explain 2-3-74. Anyhow, cosmic resorption is related to anamnesis, as Eliade makes clear, because the purpose of both is "Time Can Be Overcome" and "Curing the Effects of Time" that sort of thing; going back to illo tempore; I mean, this is how you get to illo tempore; you go back in time. This is what anamnesis is all about, so there is a logic in cosmic resorption being involved; it is logically --structurally-- related to anamnesis; they form parts of one thing, one whole. Therefore since anamnesis is indubitable, it should be no surprise to me that cosmic resorption is also involved. So I did not just remember the past; I TRAVELED BACK THROUGH-THE PAST, AS TIME REVERSED ITSELF, BACK THROUGH MY FORMER LIVES TO THE MOMENT OF COSMOGENESIS AND THEN BEFORE COSMOGENESIS. THAT IS WHEN I SAW REALITY AS VALIS. I AGAIN BECAME MY ORIGINAL LOST (SPLINTERED) SELF, WHO I CALL THOMAS. I DIDN'T JUST REMEMBER HIM: I BECAME HIM, AND WAS IN HIS WORLD. THIS IS BECAUSE I WAS TRAVELING BACKWARD IN TIME.

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The Dopamine Cleric

This section is an announcement on PKD's part of his at-one-ment with Buddhist/Hindu principles of reincarnation facilitated in absolute form through philosophical insight. His gnostic trance enabled him to synthesize this information into the concepts of "immortality through reincarnation". Mystic distillation is a form of scientific distillation, and two sides of the same coin in PKD's perception. Becoming non-temporal in essence makes one immortal. PKD Becomes Valis "God/Information" during his states of trance.