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I WAS ACTUALLY IN THE WORLD OF ACTS. IT'S TRUE. I TRAVELED BACK TO ACTS AND THEN TO THE PARADISE STATE BEFORE THE FALL, AND, IN DOING SO, WAS RESTORED TO MY PREFALLEN SELF --HENCE I WAS NO LONGER OCCLUDED. The mechanism as to how this reversing of the flow of time was achieved: the spatiotemporal realm is only semireal; the actual ordering of reality is morphological. If this were not so, if the spatiotemporal realm were real, cosmic resorption --in fact anamnesis itself-- could not occur. So the explanation, again, is found in Platonism, although what I did was Brahmanist and Buddhist and Taoist-alchemical. Plato explains why this is possible; the others give the what; he gives the how it is done, why it is possible. I must never forget this. It is one thing to say, "I traveled back in time," but alone, it lacks a how. How could you do this? Plato makes clear how (the spatiotemporal realm is only semireal). I did not just remember my past; I returned: "The yogi witnesses the inverse of the process of Creation, he 'goes back' until he reaches the 'origin'."
I.e. regressus ad uterum; "we have also seen that the regressus ad uterum can be homologized with a regression to the state of Chaos before the Creation." This is far different from just remembering a past life, and this is what I did; I regressed phylogenically, back through millions of years. And saw explosion into multiplicity turn into implosion from multiplicity to unity. None of this meant anything to me until I read Plato and realized how it could be done.
An experience such as mine is not normally found in the West, but rather with yogis, in India, also China; this is Why I could find no account of it historically. The phosphene graphics were indeed the Bardo Thodol trip, literally; this is Tibetian Buddhism, and very esoteric; this is the most esoteric wisdom on Earth.
I actually --literally actually-- traveled backward in time, to before the Creation. Incredible; I'd say it was impossible, that it only seemed that I did, except that Plato explains how it can be. I always thought this backward travel, this cosmic resorption, was only metaphoric ... but Plato shows that it literally is possible.
Then the pieces being fitted into the metasomakosmos are the metasomakosmos' explosion run backward, the unity restored. The entry in my Tractate is accurate; time is headed toward unity and negentropy. The metasomakosmos is the primordial unitary entelechy shattered in the moment of cosmogensis, by the beginning of time; it is carried

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