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so-to-speak "prajapati", but then comes a totally different outline:
1) 3-74. Valis which is world properly seen (morphological arrangement, growth + perfection + self completion in negentropic time, the entropic -flux- universe pulled through infinity - i.e. inside out). Compared to:
2) 11-17-80. The Christian God in theophany, who is other than world, who is transcendent. What I thought I had seen in 3-74!
The summation (combining) of the two is
(1) An acute knowledge of world based on 3-74 + the exegesis arising out of that experience.
(2) Direct knowledge of God + God's nature based on the above elements; so that 3-74 led to the exegesis, which although it was a loss of negentropic, integrative time + a resumption of cosmogenic-entropic time, did lead (due to the infinite speeding up of time + the infinite breaking down of space until exhaustion set in) to the theophany I had supposed I had already had.
Now it is possible to see how the Mary Jane fitted in; it added the final push to the dialectic in me, my exegesis (in other words as preceeded 3-74, my thinking) so that it reached infinite speed + infinite space, exhausted itself, + again as before, enantiodromia set in. This enantiodromia did not have to do with world, however, but had to do with the human intellect striving to find God - futilely. (Futilely until the last great enantiodromia occurred + God took the field to block the dialectic of my thinking himself, + thus revealed himself.)

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