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This resembles "Timaeus."
Thus I state, as I do in "Valis," an irrational (and irreal) cosmos, into which God (the rational) breaks. This isn't ordinary pantheism or the usual concept of immanent deity.

The only way we could see that our universe - and us - are irrational is when God the rational bursts in and we have something rational to compare the irrational with. This is my contribution to Gnosticism, Eckehart, etc.

And I express this original - with me, from me - cosmological/theological idea fully in "Valis"! I've gotten away from the mere acosmism I express in earlier novels, to something worse. But I am right! I had the rational to compare it with. So "Valis" carries the idea of "Scanner" (occlusion from man to the universe). If the universe were rational, God (Zebra) would not have to invade it.

The clearest way the universe reveals its irrationality is that it continually contradicts itself. The irrational thus becomes the interior bulk, data including info [1] within it. [1] true _____see MS

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