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The logic of this looping-back future tutelary spirit of the awakened Siddhartha to arouse the antecedent dormant - sleeping - Siddhartha points inexorably to me as one of the many Buddhas - for instance, I experienced dibba cakkhu. The tutelary voice which speaks to me is my future ajna self which came into existence in (3-74). (But also, it is timeless, it has always existed.)
I must ask if I am supposed to teach, now, but I see at once that I have taught, over a period of 27 years of writing: I have taught the illusion of world (simulated worlds), + the approach of liberation (enlightenment/salvation/gnosis). The ajna self over all that time underwrote the novels + stories operating out of its future time; this explains such "precog" material as I find in "Faith of..." + "Tears" etc. It had looped back, + in 3-74 awakened me, its past self. Then "Thomas" is a future self. But rooted in the absolute time + world of Acts: the master (form I) personality. [Note]
What could I write now that I failed to write in "Ubik", "Maze", "Eye" + "Tears"? It - all these writings - are post dibba cakkhu, not pre. Like in existential fascism (Italian) I acted first + then, at my leisure, in this exegesis, now formulate theory - afterward. "In Anfang war die Tat". Too, this shows the retrograde-in-time motion of Zebra.
[Note] Thomas speaks for form I as such, since all of form I is a unitary mind; thus he is + is-not me. There is no individual me in form I because the psychoi have all been subsumed as stations in the one vine (brain), + then plural push-pull worlds abolished. He is more not-me than he is me.

In terms of individual push-pull worlds, forms I + II can be contrasted as modes of being, with II an inauthentic mode in which the psyche, itself false, encounters nothing more than an enhanced

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