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world. (This is depicted in the Tibetan Book of the Dead as the Bardo Thodol trip.) Now, to his surprise, he is not who he is or when/where he is (I should say was). The impossible has happened; he has shed self + world. This is a moment of great fear + sense of dread, to experience the irreality of himself + his world, + to have both go, both slip away. Can he survive without himself + his world? The continuity of identity is lost. New memories arise as if out of nothing. + the new self + world, all out of nothing - ex nihilo; new self, memories, identity + world _without_a_history_ - a past - behind them: created on the spot. As if he _always_ has been this other person with these other memories in + of this other world. His self monitoring system discerns the impossibility of this + yet must accept it as so. He _never_ really was who he was, or where + when he was. All reality, inner + outer (the push-pull psyche-world closed system) has been cancelled + replaced by, sui generis, the new, + the open. The closed sack has become the open sack.

The total entity has detected a localized calcification in itself + is melting it by an infusion of flexibility. (Growth or sentience.) [Note]
(We know this localized calcification as a clock-like system of simulated push-pull closed worlds deterministically acting out of sub-sentient efficient causality.

[Note] In a sense, the living totality is at war with a section of itself + is invading that section.

(What is pointed to is a crisis in the info traffic processing brain - or Godhead - + the remedy involved, a problem solving _within_ the unitary mind or brain. A section has sunk below the level of consciousness + is asleep. The totality will kick it over into wakefulness (expressed as Siddhartha awaken[...]