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Then the illusion of space, time, world, causality & individual psyches will be abolished & we as primal man restored will again dwell -- & know we dwell - in the living information / brain of Christ + Noos, where we belong: functioning parts of the whole, thinking as it thinks, living & growing as it lives + grows, + once again experiencing the ecstacy of union with God our macro isomorphic father. These promises have all been made to us, & will be kept. But we do not know when. I speak as a witness who has seen & experienced what it will be like; the savior woke me temporarily, & temporarily I remembered my true identity & task, through the saving Gnosis, but I must be silent, because of the true, secret, transtemporal, early Xtians at work, hidden among us as ordinary humans. I briefly became one of them, Siddhartha himself (the Buddha or Enlightened me), but must never assert nor claim this. The true Buddhas are always silent, those to whom dibba cakkhu has been granted. Yet, buried in my 27 years of writing lies information; in these writings I have told what I know without knowing what I knew. I know now. This is the paradox: when I did not know what I knew (or who & what I am) I could speak, but now I am under the stricture of silence -- because I know.

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