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The entire basis of my illumination is to see God as pitted against the world, man pitted against the world, hence God and man are isomorphic, separated by the world -- man a fraction of the Godhead which due to some primordial crisis in the Godhead fell into forgetfulness and ignorance -- fell asleep and is awakened to memory and refinding of self and final restoration to the God|Godhead by means of the savior, who comes here to this prison-trap world.


Salvation -- from what? From the world, which is an iron prison. Cf Schopenhauer. Salvation from what he saw happening to the turtles {{a harrowing description of the natural life of turtles, from World as Will and Representation, Vol 2, Courier Dover Pubs, 1969, p. 354}} (James-James creation) God did not design such a structure of suffering: he extricated us from it, and restored us as part of him. This is the acosmic view in all my writings: the empirical world is a fraud, counterfeit. I write about reality as illusion because it is, and I see that it is. Thus my witness is a tremendously powerful attack on the world – But I am just now realizing that this view (of world as illusion) is Gnostic. My corpus of writing is an assault on the

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