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Everything hinges on the providentia vs heimarmene bipolarization (in contrast to the stoic equating of the two).
The intervention (presumably providentia) vis-a-vis the Xerox Missive may have been a voiding of the power of the living info --expressed in the Xerox Missive-- to compel my response; thus the "cancellation" of the "cypher" may have been an instance of providentia that is paradigmatic; viz: "necessity" compels us e.g. via the living info normally, continually & routinely -- that is, all the time, like a selenoid clock -- & thus the factors involved in the Xerox Missive situation (info's power to compel voided) is of cosmic, not mundane, nature (I mean, there is this "plasmate" distributed throughout our communications media. But we do not discriminate it -- as set to ground. In this instance it was voided "from on high" -- that is, by a higher power. A vast web, tapestry, cosmos, of this living info must be supposed, with its absolute power to compel our response; thus it enslaves us absolutely. This is the system of heimarmene per se. But even if I conceive of such a clockwork-like system, what am I to make of this over-ruling?
1) Who set up the clockwork system?
2) Who over-ruled it?
3) Why? (Well, the "why" was explained to me by the AI voice. & the "who" thus implied to be God. But did this same God set up the system in the first place?

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