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N.B. This system basically envisions A.N. Whitehead's definition of God as, "A principle in or as the universe constantly selecting the good; that is, an active, intelligent principle of selection" (paraphrase). In fact I am essentially defining God functionally, in that precise way: a selecting mechanism; it perpetually selects.

Enclosed a carbon of what may be a resolution of my seven years of attempting to construct a model of reality; by "reality" I mean God in or God and the universe; what Erigena called natura. This solution came to me in a series of recent sleep revelations, that is, hypnagogic and hypnopompic insights where I actually saw how the system works. (Universe and God regarded, as Spinoza does, as one and the same.) My model is that of a computer or computer-like entity -- well, look at the enclosed page; it is pretty much complete.

You'll be pleased to see how it relates both to Taoism and to computers. This may be it, Pat. Initially I had a vision of reality as a rapid procession of static, discrete frames replacing each other at enormous velocity; we turn these frames -- each of which is unique, slightly different from the one before it and the one following it -- into a continuous flow by means of the modem we call causality. But in fact "causality" is illusory; our minds project it onto the procession of discrete frames in order to connect them into a flow. This is a necessary modem, for otherwise we will not be able to discern the constants (eide, Forms) within the procession of frames; all would be chaotic flux to us, without the modem of causality. The system is thinking, but it thinks (as I say on the enclosed page) during its off or non-being void phase of the binary pulse-flicker, so we're totally unaware of it thinking. Our reality is shot full of information, both quantitative (bits) and qualitative (constructed/converted out of the bits).
Pat, this is the first model I've had confidence in! The system continually makes tentative faulty choices, cancels them, substitutes a better -- i.e. correct -- choice which is the next on frame. Let me know what you think.


It selects the good by a no - yes discard at each branching. And it utilizes as many branchings as possible, so it maximizes the number of its selections (choices, decisions).

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