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This would represent a true in-breaking, in the traditional apocalyptic meaning of the term. Again, this is why the AI voice would speak of a "perturbation of the reality fold," this re-editing, this reprogramming. Not a zero phase but a one phase was involved, and this is anomalous. It is remarkable. This is a true override. Well, this collates with the basic theme in VALIS of a higher power invading the reality mechanism, camouflaged. Look: here is a point. At each junction, the one possibility is limited to a range of possibilities that exist as efficient predecessors. That's it, every binary forking is constricted within the antecedent given, at every point along the line. The system cannot work an ex nihilo choice; this is the sort of unfree mechanism that Spinoza rightly apprehended. What 3-74 represents, vis-a-vis the Xerox missive, is God Himself entering the situation, without regard to the efficient history at that fork. It was not I who acted; it was God. Here a sharp distinction, normally made in classic transcendental theism, must be utilized to appreciate what happened, a sharp distinction between God and the universe, between God and his creatures; suddenly pantheism vanishes from my model and classic Judeo-Christian theism enters. This is precisely the in-breaking at the time of the apocalypse, at End Times, that the Judeo-Christian millenarian thinking supposes. And of course this tallies with my revelation of Christian apocalyptic history and, moreover, with the prophecies by the AI voice. (It is, then, as I present it to be in VALIS.) And with my 3-18-81 revelation that indeed "the Parousia is here, the Holy Mother Church knows it, judgment has been passed, subliminal instructional information traffic flows toward the true Xtians, the others will be allowed to rush over to cliff to their doom." Golly. In other words God will intervene only for the true Xtians, and world conditions being as they are, this spells doom for everyone else (or the in-breaking would not be significant; i.e. if things were routinely okay; again this conforms with traditional apocalyptic thinking. I am saying that anamnesis had to take place if the in-breaking were to occur and work.

Rethinking all this I am going to shoot for a total intuitive overview and say, In 2-3-74 I remembered (somehow; I can't be sure

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