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suddenly lifts you up" is an exact description -- literally exact -- of Philo's idea of pronoia, how YHWH governs the world directly. Before Philo, pronoia was equated with the regular causal laws -- e.g. the stoics equated pronoia & heimarmene. But for Philo, God intervened by miracle on the behalf of "deserving persons for their safety or welfare by suspending natural causal law." I had forgotten that my "pulley" hypnopompic vision included my reading "The Guide to the Perplexed" & that God (YHWH) had found me "to be a worthy & pious man" -- & that I saw myself -- not as I normally do -- but as he sees me. & Philo fully accepted Plato's forms doctrine; Philo's Logos was "the place of the forms, the 'kosmos noetos', an intelligible world." so it is all there in Philo.:
1) Plato's Forms Doctrine.
2) Philanthropia. (Derived from the Torah.)
3) Pronoia as miraculous direct intervention as a contravening of natural law -- ie the "machinery of retribution." Pronoia "for individuals deserved of it" which has to do with (2), as I construe it re "the pulley" vision.

Note: the whole social justice kerygma of sharing that B. Krem speaks of re the Maitreya is one sublime global philanthropia: "Giving to -- rendering aid to -- those in need." it is the moral basis of my life & it stems from the Torah. & since it stems from the Torah, YHWH is pointed to.

I don't see how (if at all) Gnosticism can be fitted in with pronoia, esp. if pronoia is equated with the Government

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