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term, then, revealed to me by the AI voice, is the crucial concept I need.
the vastly augmented space -- spatial volume -- in (3-74) was due to our time becoming a 4th spatial axis; there is from this a net yield in increasing the pure amount of space; & at this degree, in this many dimensions, it approaches being the Infinite Void that is the Godhead itself -- that is, it partakes of infinity.

thus when you go from the 4D world to the 5D the element or quality or dimension of the sacred breaks in [to the mundane], a fact Plotinus was well aware of; this really was his whole point. well, then; Deity is not transmundane for I encountered it here, either as imminent or very nearly so. Hence this cannot be Gnosticism, for world -- this world -- was sanctified.

However, I am going to take a stand. the 4D world is a maze that we must solve. Going to the 5D world -- if that occurs, you have solved the maze & either are let out (if you view it as a prison, as the Gnostics do) or in (if you view it as barring you from the Holy -- represented by & as the Grail). It is all (our life or lives here) one vast initiation ceremony or rite into the mysteries, & the solution is both cognitive & moral in this way: moral satori, such as mine re the Beetle are in fact cognitive operations, a form -- perhaps the highest form -- of epistemological knowledge. the solution, then, takes the form of a long series of steps over many lifetimes -- & this [view] is precisely that of Buddhism, esp. since the solution is specifically Buddhist: the way of compassion

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does that say "mind re the Beetle?" srsly?

Unteleported Man

It is "mine re the beetle", PKD refers to this satori also in Folder 02, page 65. Edited accordingly.


sweet. :)