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what we call "pronoia" & "miracles" are simply the regular & Logic results due to our solving, sequencing, just as retributive karma has to do with errors we make; this besides being a puzzle & problem to be solved, the maze is (perhaps even more so, even ultimately!) one colossal teaching-machine & we trace & retrace potentially forever until we learn. But God wants us to learn; this is the goal: our spiritual/mind development, not thrall
or punishment.

the cognitive elements (in solving the maze) must not be overlooked -- ie the meta-abstraction; but it is necessarily tied in with & in fact based on moral salvation that seems to trigger it off; it -- the meta-abstraction - is (or is virtually) the reward of solving the moral problems posed by the maze.

If the moral solution, then, is the true problem solving, & meta-abstraction the pay-off, due really to Grace, then this is a Judeo-Xtian situation & not either Platonist or Gnostic, although the meta-abstraction taken alone suggests otherwise. Here is my error: I have viewed the meta-abstraction as the problem-solving, but it is not; it was given to me as a gift, a response, due to a moral solution (that, ideally, comes later; the AI voice states this specifically.

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