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I reread "Valis." It is Christ. But not the suffering servant who comes as the sacrificial lamb to be crucified -- i.e. Jesus the man. It is Christ the eschatological judge & Pantocrator; this is the Second Advent & it is quite different from the first. Here is the sword and the power -- that of YHWH himself: the white-haired-bearded old King of Daniel and Revelation and "Tears": this is the apocalypse. He is fierce and dangerous & he will rule. He now destroys his enemy, Satan (the King of Tears) & casts down the BIP.

Valis is Christ as Judge & King, not the gentle Jesus we know, meek and mild. This is the final battle: Armageddon.

Yes, it is the second coming, and like the lightning, he is everywhere. War. Power -- the sizzling St. Elmo's fire that kills -- it was his mind moving through my mind revealing the Dialectic of the inner life of the Godhead itself. Christ as champion and warrior with glowing eyes, exactly like the dream in "Tears": pronouncing a sentence of Death He is very terrible and is now like YHWH himself. (this is why in reading Daniel and Revelation you can't tell if Christ or YHWH is meant. This is Christ as he truly is.)(What sums this up in "Valis" is the "ajna eye of Shiva" that


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I added the missing words and made some other small adjustments.
what is BIP?
Black Iron Prison