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gives total inward discernment but blasts + destroys with desiccating heat whatever it looks at: This is the gaze of Christ himself as eschatological judge! Discerning the truth, discerning Satan in all his polyforms, + pronouncing a sentence of doom on him. Throughout "Valis" is the theme of death + judgment + destroying, + this carries out the theme of the sentence of death at the end of the dream in "Tears"! It is the apocalyptic Christ!
What has misled me all along is my image of the gentle Jesus, the suffering servant. What he is this time resembles or even is what Moses encountered on Mt. Sinai. This is marvelously expressed by the beam of pink light that although it carries information -from Christ as Wisdom of God- also kills. The death of Brent Mini expresses it all: he got too close to VALIS, + what + who he got too close to is Christ the eschatological judge. Shiva + Christ are one: the final God who destroys the universe that Brahma created, + Vishnu sustained.
The 3rd period, that of Shiva -Christ as eschatological Judge- has now come. "VALIS" like "Tears" is apocalyptic.

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