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the mystery (the superimposition of two spatiotemporal continua, such as I experienced in 2-3-74) is in fact the solution; they comprise a unity - based on the "two worlds working off one unitary common object" - only now this "common object" is the person himself. So that which puzzled me most in all that pertained to 2-3-74 was in fact a crucial -the crucial- clue to the mystery of world, self, time + space, +, most of all, identity. (In particular in terms of the meta-abstraction which has a fortiori a correct comprehension of the meaning of this mystery, exactly as I did explicate it last February. Thus it was through the meta-abstraction that wisdom came, a wisdom not explicated anywhere that I know of: comprehension so vast that it has taken me 8 years to fathom it, + then only by means of revelation): Unity pertains to the essence of God; we are now dealing with the inner life + thought of the Divine Mind per se, + derive our own identity from it + in terms of it. I have succeeded where Philo + Augustine failed, but only because it was disclosed to me by the grace of God.

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