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not only be the doorway to Nirvana but may have been Nirvana itself, the cessation of birth + death: the cycle based on illusion. Free at last. (+ that would make Valis Great Brahman, possibly. In which case 2-74 was the Atman-Brahman "two mirrors" identity equation of "tat tvam asi," the runaway feedback of self catching sight of itself in world, in other, which sets off the Bardo Thodol trip (the phosphene graphics).
+ this would make of 2-74 the Dibbu Cakkhu, the opening of the 3rd Eye in which the Buddha perceives the coming into existence + the passing away of all things.
My God; it is the experience of the Buddha; release from the Grand Illusion, inner + outer. With Valis being Brahman.
Sankara-Eckhart. My experience transcends any + all cultures + religious system + is liberation + enlightenment itself, absolutely.

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