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Well, it is now evident to me that my "coaxial realms" is an independent rediscovery of Plotinus' "concentric rings of emanation" because I now posit degrees of unity/ontology/freedom. + the critical element of Xtian salvation by God was already put there by Dante in "the Comedy." So I was in purgatorio, + I was suddenly lifted vertically as by a rope pulley to paradiso; + anamnesis + noesis were crucially involved. (The meta-abstraction.)
Probably no insight will ever overweigh this: that YHWH found me to be a good + pious man (starting with my reading of the "Guide to the Perplexed" - this act breaking the 4D time-barrier: it was my first sacerdotal act). + this in turn fits in with my letter to Isa about absolute faith in God - which in turn goes back to my great, final analysis of "Tears," + to my whole mystic view of justification, which in turn has to do with the messenger + the bilking of the machinery of retribution.
But I must understand that God sees my whole life + knows me better than I know myself. As I say, I see myself more now as He sees me. I am extricated (from the sentence imposed on us here in purgatorio to track horizontally endlessly again + again - lifted along an axis orthogonal to anything we know, suspect, could know without God's graces).
These are indeed the concentric rings that Plotinus spoke of.
To confirm Plato + Plotinus. To pinpoint the mechanics of the next higher ring as 5D in place of our 4D. To understand how we ascend + why. To equate the ascent with the levels of "the Commedia" - what an achievement! (+ of course to explain 2-3-74 by all this!)

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