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system the original creation employs to govern our reality - the occlusion. The twin synchronized tapes; this is expressed by & through the DNA, & programmed, "android" lives. This would be Yaldabaoth. The system works to some extent, but we are not fully alive, not fully born, & doomed to scripted death ("your ancestors ate manna in the wilderness & they are all dead." This doesn't sound as if Jesus speaks for the O.T. God). He who frees us -- causes us to be fully alive; i.e. born the 2nd time -- is the invading deity Valis.

But -- wait! I saw how the "Messenger" Flummoxes the Law : by inserting the blank sheet between the bill of particulars & the retributive legal machinery. So he (Christ/Valis) is working against the original system; this is not an evolution of the system but a sabotaging (it really is!) of the system; why, info is prevented from reaching the receiving processor! This is functionally bitheism. I mean, pragmatically how does it differ from antithetical -- well, I saw the dialectic, & it is antithetical. The original system -- Law, etc. -- is a tyranny : the BIP we are prisoners. Christ frees us. & who is it imprisons us? Well, who is the source of the Law & the elemental powers? It is YHWH. Perhaps the system has ossified? But the dialectic was that of antitheses -- this was my fundamental revelation & I must stay with it.

How can the heavenly Torah, the original info which is the source that reality is based on be something bad? & yet the "Messenger" dream makes it

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definitely getting Sephirah/Tree of Life wisdom here, if it is the Torah he's referring's fun to come back and see the corrections of words I can't get!!!

Unteleported Man

I edited some of your marked words, the remaining ones look correct to me.