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to get out of its clutches, esp. by it being melted. Xtianity seems
predicated on a pessimistic picture of reality, inc. a careful analysis
of why it's the way it is & how these elemental powers are overcome.
We are adopted by God, made his heirs & thus free of the elemental powers.

J. BIBLE : "The Law offers information - not spiritual strength. & its only
remedy is punishment, curse, condemnation. It proves to be a defective

Colossians 2:14 : "He [God] has overridden the Law, & cancelled every
record of the debt that we had to pay : he has done away with it by
nailing it to the cross {L} & so he got rid of the Sovereignties & the Powers,
& paraded them in public, behind him in his triumphant procession. {M}"

L : The Law was able to do nothing about a sinner except condemn
him to death... in the person of his son whom he allowed to be
executed, God nailed up & destroyed our death warrant, as well as
all the charges it made against us.

M: The tradition is that the Law was brought down to Moses by
angels, & by honoring them as the Law givers people have been
distracted from the true Creator. Now that God has brought the
regime of that Law to an end, these angelic powers have lost the one
thing that had given them power, & so they too must acknowledge
that Christ has triumphed over them."

This is what my dream showed.

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