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The epiphany was of the spirit of Freedom, an ultra state of consciousness.
In a sense, then, it _was_ something I achieved. I remember how I felt the
Pigspurt programming & how I fought to throw it off. I was emancipating
myself. _the Law had served its purpose_. as Paul said, to go back to it
would be to become children again.

& it was connected with "Tears" which was vis-a-vis me as a manifesto is
to a revolutionary political group. Also it was my gauntlet thrown down
to the authorities. It was my declaration to them that they would have to
go - the regime. the book describes the fall of a regime defined as a
slave labor state.

_Catalytic realization_ : a secret revolutionary Xtian underground exists
& has existed back 2000 years to Christ himself.

Here is the sequence of Blitz sequences following from the catalytic
realization : 1) if they must be secret, the organized establishment
society is in the wrong & to be opposed. 2) It _is_ opposed, & by God
himself. 3) therefore we are living in a vast sphere of tyrannical evil:
evil won 2000 years ago & controls all the centers. 4) the situation is not
hopeless. 5) I am on the side of the Xtian opposition. 6) I am not alone; it
is not _me_ against society but us. I am a secret authentic Xtian.
7) this is a historical matter. 8) it is Freedom -the Xtians - vs. slavery
& slave labor. 9) "Tears" presents the truth. 10) I have been spreading
the Cryptic Gospel of Christ without knowing it. 11) it is the plan of
Christ to return. 12) the existing order will be overthrown. 13) it is
_being_ overthrown. 14) I am involved.

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